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The HEAL Podcast

Nov 11, 2021

Marcus and Amber Capone have a 20+ year history of never giving up on one another. Marcus is a retired Navy SEAL who left the military in 2013 after multiple combat deployments.  Upon returning home Marcus dealt with countless challenges including depression, isolation, cognitive impairment, and TBI (traumatic brain injury). After exhausting every specialist, brain clinic, and pharmaceutical option with no answers and deepening darkness, Amber explored one last option before giving up hope. Based on the successful experience of a fellow SEAL, Amber and Marcus decided he should undergo a plant medicine experience outside the US. An intervention the couple attributes to saying his life as well as their family. As a result of his profound transformation, they founded VETS (Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions) in 2019, a non-profit to help veterans access these alternative plant therapies. Join me as Marcus and Amber share their remarkable story and how they are on a mission to help his fellow servicemen and women find their way back to themselves. 


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