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The HEAL Podcast

Dec 8, 2022

Receiving a Stage 4 cancer diagnosis is perhaps one of the scariest experiences one can have.  But we at HEAL want to remind our beloved audience that people have healed from every stage of every type of cancer, so there is ALWAYS HOPE. In this episode, Kelly sits down with her close friend, Tara Patrick who is defying odds and healing Stage 4 stomach cancer. As a massage therapist, Tara had been curious about learning a number of different healing modalities like herbalism and survival skills in nature so she was better equipped to help her clients heal. However, like so many of us often do in this world, she forgot to apply that newfound wisdom to her own life and neglected to take care of herself along the way. Tara’s diagnosis has launched her on her biggest vision quest yet, and perhaps what many would refer to as a dark night of the soul. But as you will discover, the dark quickly lifts as she awakens to her True Self and is now experiencing more love, joy, and peace than she ever has before. Tara has miraculously turned this terrifying situation into a powerful blessing and is thankful for all of it. Join us in this inspiring story and learn how Tara has been able to take the wheel of her healing and emerge from the chrysalis more vibrant and joyful than ever. 

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